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Professional R&D center is the core power of Kintowe's technical progress and innovation

Jiashan Kintowe macromolecule composite research and development centre was established in 2005. The company has already set up a scientific research team so far, specializing in the research with the effort of 9 technicians, among them three senior engineers specialized in macromolecule material , one engineer and one senior technician specialized in machinery.The center owned a whole set of advanced R&D and test equipments. Including the electronicomnipotent tester, friction-abrasion testing machine, Rockwell hardness tester, impact testing machine, electron microscope, the thermal deformation of Vicat temperature testing instrument and so on.The establishment of the R&D centre will promote the coro competitiveness of Kintowe products in relevant fields such as engineering machinery , petroleum , chemical machinery , machine tool , electromechanics which lays the foundation for Kintowe to be a high-tech enterprise in composite material field,through the efforts in the future. The R&D centre will turned into a industry-leading research institution with first-rate talents and equipments, which ensure it to be the energy of enterprise's technological progress and technological innovation.

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